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Construction falls are often deadly

On Behalf of | Feb 1, 2022 | Workers' Compensation |

Working in the construction industry is a rewarding career path for many people in Missouri. However, there are many risks associated with working on construction sites. Construction falls are a serious and ongoing threat to worker safety, and often lead to severe or even fatal injuries. 

Hundreds of fall-related deaths 

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention — the CDC — falls are the leading cause of death among construction workers. Falls from heights account for around 33% of all on-the-job construction fatalities. In 2019 alone, this came out to 401 fatal falls out of 1,102 total construction deaths. 

Preventing falls and protecting workers 

Missouri relies on all the hard work and effort that construction workers put into things like building roads, bridges and buildings. Protecting these men and women should always be a priority, and there are several steps that employers can take to improve safety. These include: 

  • Strong safety plans prior to the start of each job 
  • Providing the right safety equipment for working at significant heights 
  • Training workers on how to properly and safely work on scaffolds, roofs and ladders 

There are few things in life that are more devastating than the sudden and unexpected loss of a loved one. Families often struggle to properly mourn an unexpected death when they are also burdened by things like funeral costs on top of the loss of a family member’s paycheck. Although there is nothing that could ever undo the harm of this loss, securing temporary death benefits through Missouri’s workers’ compensation system can go a long way in addressing financial damages related to accidents like construction falls.