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What causes most car accidents?

On Behalf of | Aug 27, 2021 | Personal Injury |

Car collisions are sadly not an uncommon occurrence. Chances are if someone in Missouri has not personally been in a car accident, then he or she knows someone else who has been injured or even killed in a crash. Considering how many people have been involved in serious car accidents, it makes sense that there are a few common contributing factors that tend to account for the majority of collisions. 

Most common reasons for car accidents 

It can be a disconcerting experience when another driver speeds past other cars on the road. Those feelings are entirely justified, as speeding is a major cause of accidents. Drivers who speed above the posted speed limit have slower reaction times and are much less likely to avoid causing a collision. 

Impaired and distracted drivers also have slower reaction times, making both of these types of drivers two more common causes of crashes. Impaired drivers on their own are responsible for an astounding third of all traffic related fatalities. Drivers who do not take weather into account also cause a large number of serious accidents. Inclement weather that often contributes to serious accidents include: 

  • Wind 
  • Rain 
  • Snow 
  • Ice 

No two car accidents in Missouri are alike, but many victims end up struggling with the same issues. Medical bills, injuries and ongoing pain and suffering are all common issues, and addressing these problems on one’s own can be a struggle. This is where personal injury claims can be extremely helpful, as successfully navigating one to completion can help secure compensation essential for recovery. 

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