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What can dads do during divorce?

On Behalf of | Jul 9, 2021 | Family Law |

Most people in Missouri do not treat the decision to end a marriage lightly. There are so many factors to consider, including whether divorce is the most financially responsible decision or how it will impact children. Fathers in particular might struggle with what to do during a divorce to ensure that they remain actively involved in their children’s lives.

Remain present

Even when it is for the best, it can be difficult for children to watch their parents’ marriage end. An effective strategy for remaining available and open to children during this period of time is to simply talk to them, even if they do not seem willing to open up about their own feelings just yet. Other ways to stay connected and present include:

  • Doing the school pick-up or drop-off
  • Spending holidays together
  • Taking vacations or doing other special activities together

Of course, some of these can be difficult for dads who do not live near their children. Work obligations, military or even family emergencies can put physical distance between fathers and their children. Distance does not have to mean disconnected, though. Even when at a distance, dads can stay actively involved in their kids’ lives by:

  • Video calls
  • Daily text messages
  • Sending unexpected gifts

There are a lot of challenges to being a dad. Being a dad going through divorce can be even more challenging, especially when there are uncertainties about what will happen with child custody. Aside from being as active a parent as possible during this time, fathers may also find it helpful to learn more about their parental rights in Missouri.