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Costs of a DUI add up quickly

On Behalf of | Jan 15, 2021 | Duis And Traffic Violations |

In Missouri, most people understand that being arrested for drunk driving may have far-reaching consequences. However, they may not fully realize just how much a DUI conviction may cost. Not only could they have to deal with costs directly associated with conviction, such as fines or court costs, but there are other expenses that can add up to tens of thousands of dollars. Here is a brief overview of the costs of a DUI conviction.

As discussed earlier, there are the most well-known costs of a DUI, expenses like a fine paid as part of sentencing, attorney fees and raised insurance rates. Some costs that many people neglect to factor in are those paid even before a person gets to court. Many have to pay bail to get out of jail after being arrested, the cost for which can vary depending on the circumstances of arrest. Police may have also taken the accused person’s car to impound, which will cost money to retrieve, further driving up the overall cost.

After conviction, a person may have to pay to get his or her license reinstated, if it was suspended as a result of arrest. Before that even happens, the convicted person may also be responsible for covering the cost of any required classes, such as traffic school or substance abuse awareness. Those who have to put in ignition interlock device on their car have to pay for it, and even those who can no longer drive will likely have to factor in costs of public transportation at some point.

The costs of a DUI conviction may rise faster than a person might realize was possible. One way to reduce overall costs is by hiring a criminal defense attorney for representation in court. An attorney who understands the high stakes of a drunk driving conviction can help focus on reducing the impact upon a person’s life and finances that might otherwise occur.