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Workers’ comp can help families who have lost a loved one

On Behalf of | Dec 3, 2020 | Workers' Compensation |

The recent death of a tree-cutting business worker shows that some jobs are more dangerous than others. Even when a Missouri employee works in an industry that carries an increased risk of injury, most workers expect to be safe while on the job. For those who hurt themselves in the course of their duties, or even lose their lives, they and their families may need to rely on workers’ compensation to get through a difficult time, both emotionally and financially. They deserve answers as to whether the event was avoidable, which is precisely what authorities in this most recent tragedy are working to provide.

Officials say that while employees of the tree-cutting firm were working at a site, one worker walked into a drop zone and was hit by a falling tree branch. He died as a result of his injuries, leaving behind a spouse and four children. The state Department of Labor says that it was not properly notified about the fatality for two days. Furthermore, representatives say that national standards exist that say any employee not directly working to remove a tree should not be present in the work area, unless absolutely necessary.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration investigated and decided to fine the company $12,000 for violating safety standards. The owners of the business say they intend to contest OSHA’S findings, which is their right. Many states find that contact with objects and equipment, including falling objects, is an all-too-common cause of employee deaths, so the company could have to revise its safety policies once this entire process has concluded.

Many people have heard of workers’ comp, but they may not know exactly what it involves. This is a type of benefit that many Missouri employees can use to help them cover expenses related to an on-the-job injury. Workers’ compensation can help workers and their families avoid financial hardship, especially a worker dies on the job. Those who have questions about their qualifications may want to talk with an attorney who knows this area of the law.