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How to manage child custody during winter holidays

On Behalf of | Nov 18, 2020 | Family Law |

When two parents share children but aren’t in a relationship with one another, they may struggle to navigate through choices about their children’s care. Even when two parents get along, they may not know the best way to deal with shared custody or visitation. This conundrum only gets worse around the holidays, as it is typically an important and cherished time for families of all kinds. Fortunately, there are multiple options for child custody arrangements to which Missouri parents may be able to agree.

One of the more common arrangements is for both parents to split the time. This option can take multiple forms. Some families find it best to split the holidays by season. For instance, one parent may spend Thanksgiving with the children while the other then has custody over Christmas. Depending on family preferences, parents could opt to split each individual holiday. In this scenario, perhaps one parent would spend Christmas morning with the children while the other then spends that evening with them.

There are even some families who decide that the best option is for both parents to spend the day together with their children. Obviously, this isn’t possible for all families, but for those who can make this type of arrangement work, it can greatly benefit the children who do not have to “choose” between their parents. Some parents agree beforehand to both put the children first and be adults about the situation and that may help them through an otherwise awkward event.

Whatever choice two parents decide, they may want to have it documented legally. This way, if there are ever any disagreements surrounding child custody, they have a predetermined agreement for reference. Missouri parents with family law questions may want to turn to an attorney for guidance. An attorney can be an impartial third party that works toward a fair resolution and the happiest possible holiday season.