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Training center hopes to prevent need for workers’ compensation

On Behalf of | Sep 7, 2020 | Workers' Compensation |

Construction work generally requires training, though some of that training may be informal. If this happens, the risk of workers injuring themselves or others increases, and with it the potential for workers’ compensation claims. However, a new training facility that is part of the State Technical College of Missouri hopes to reduce that possibility.

According to the college president, the new public crane operator training center is probably the only one of its kind available in the state. Three entities partnered to create the training center — the college, a local construction company and an organization called the Associated General Contractors of Missouri. Workers can be certified or recertified on crane operation, with accreditation from the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators that lasts for five years.

Some large companies may have their own programs to certify their own employees, but this facility will open up the possibilities for workers here in this state. In the past, they often had to go outside of Missouri for their certification. The facility has already had its first class and next hopes to certify one of its own staff members as a trainer avoiding the need to bring someone from out of state. Advocates hope that more readily available training will improve safety at construction sites where these cranes are often used.

An accident on a construction site can have devastating consequences for workers, no matter the type of equipment involved. If an employer does not require its employees to have proper training and certification, the risk of a workplace accident increases. Missouri workers hurt on the job may want to file for workers’ compensation as a way of covering medical care and compensating for any lost wages as they recover. Those who want more information on the process may want to talk to an attorney who can answer their questions.