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On “Saturation Saturday” police target potential DUI offenses

On Behalf of | Sep 4, 2020 | Criminal Defense |

Multiple police precincts across Missouri recently participated in “Saturation Saturday” with the hope that the initiative would raise awareness of and stop intoxicated driving. While this operation is admirable, there are times when a person gets charged with driving under the influence, or a DUI, who shouldn’t be. If this happens, it can have a significant negative impact on a person’s life. “Saturation Saturday” is an important event, but it remains to be seen what its exact effect on the general public may be.

Fifty departments across the entire state took part in the operation. On the designated evening, police made a point to emphasize their own efforts in DUI or DWI prevention. One representative of the initiative says that the event is meant to remind the public that the police are always watching for drivers who may be intoxicated and are ready to take action to stop them.

The more well-known campaign, “Drive Sober, Get Pulled Over” is connected to this one. Officials are proud to say that it started right here in Missouri and has spread to numerous other surrounding states. As for “Saturation Saturday,” police haven’t released any information yet about how many people may have been charged with a DUI during the operation.

Alcohol impairs a person’s cognition and reflexes, making it more difficult to drive safely. However, there are times when a person feels safe to drive, even though his or her blood alcohol content measures above the legal limit. There are even some instances where testing for impaired driving is faulty, and an otherwise-innocent person gets charged with a DUI. Those here in Missouri charged with this kind of crime need to be aware of how seriously the judicial system considers impaired driving. It may be a good idea for anyone charged with DUI to work with a skilled criminal defense attorney, in the hopes of reducing any potential negative consequences.