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Child seriously injured in car accident

On Behalf of | Sep 22, 2020 | Personal Injury |

A car crash that causes serious injury is always a sad event, but it can seem even more so when the injured person is a child. A recent car accident here in Missouri has left one child in serious condition and injured two adults and four other children, according to police. Law enforcement is still working to determine exactly what occurred, which often happens in a crash with this type of concerning result.

Police say that the collision happened on a state highway on a weekday evening. They allege that an SUV traveling in one direction was struck head-on by a pickup truck after the truck crossed the centerline. Five children and two adults in the SUV had to be rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment of their injuries. One of the children, a 10-year-old is in serious condition, according to reports.

Police say that the driver of the truck was also seriously injured. They also report that everyone involved in this crash was wearing a seat belt or using a safety device. They have not announced any plans to charge the truck driver with a crime, but also have not stated that their investigation has ended. There is no word on whether distracted or intoxicated driver could have played a role in the crash.

Even if police decide not to file criminal charges against the truck driver, the injured family could decide to file a personal injury claim naming any parties deemed responsible for the car accident. Those here in Missouri who have been hurt by a negligent driver may want to pursue a similar course. An attorney with extensive experience in this type of case law can answer any questions a family may have in seeking justice for themselves or a loved one.