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How do colleges react to students with DUI convictions?

On Behalf of | Apr 30, 2020 | Duis And Traffic Violations |

Young Missouri college students do not have a wide frame of reference for the world yet. Because of this, they can make mistakes. Sometimes, they do not take these mistakes as the serious matters they are. DUI charges are one of these matters.

If your charge turns into a conviction, it can have a serious impact on your entire college career. Today, we will look at the ways a DUI conviction may change your life as a college student. It can even end your college experience.

Your social connections after a DUI

The College Investor looks at how DUI convictions impact a college student’s life. First, it can hamper your ability to maintain social connections. A suspended or restricted license means you cannot travel freely. What happens to your ability to meet up with colleagues and friends? You may find yourself being unable to attend anything that does not relate to your schooling. Restricted licenses often only cover work, school, medical appointments and religious services.

Your financial support after a DUI

You may find your financial support suffering, too. A college can decide what to do with students who have DUI convictions on record. They will often cut off direct financial support. This means the loss of school-sponsored scholarships, financial prizes or gifts and more. They may also choose to ban you from on-campus housing. This is not as severe as expelling you from school, which has happened to some. But it still means you have to find and pay for housing elsewhere. This is often costly and can prevent some students from being able to continue attending.

The loss of a rich social life is bad enough. The possibility of losing your access to schooling is even worse. Keep these potential consequences in mind if facing DUI charges. Treat them with a serious eye.

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