When motor vehicle accidents are brought up, a lot of people think of high-impact collisions that involve fast speeds. However, at the Affordable Legal Services of Thomas Sandifer we know many Missouri motor vehicle collisions involve relatively low speeds. Although these crashes are usually dismissed as less significant, and in some cases they are, low-impact crases often create a number of physical, emotional and financial problems for victims. In this post, we will look into some of the different ways in which lives are turned upside down because of low impact wrecks.

There are many reasons why low-impact accidents occur. Crashes often take place in a crowded parking lot, involving one vehicle that is parked. Or, a driver abruptly steps on the gas pedal while stopped in traffic or fails to stop in time while driving through a community at low speeds. For those struck by another driver in low-impact crashes, the accident is usually very startling. Their vehicle is likely damaged, as well as property inside of their vehicle. Often, they become hurt in the wreck, whether they hit their head or sustain some other type of injury. Furthermore, many have mental trauma after the crash and do not feel safe driving afterward.

These are just a few of the problems that frequently affect those involved in low-impact collisions. While people do not always pass away or sustain a major injury in such an event, this does not mean that the collision is not incredibly difficult to recover from. A myriad of hardships often impact those hit by reckless drivers, even at low speeds. Our injury page discusses more on car crashes.