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An Introduction to Personal Injury Cases

On Behalf of | Nov 18, 2019 | Personal Injury |

If you have a dispute in Missouri that you are unable to resolve between yourself and the other party, you may find it necessary to begin a civil procedure. This article will cover some general topics about personal injury cases in St. Louis and in the state at large.

Those involved in personal injury cases typically include the injured person, or relatives, and a party or parties from whom the injured person seeks compensation. Examples could be someone whose neck was injured in a car crash versus the manufacturer of a defective airbag, someone who slipped in a grocery store versus the company that owns the store and so on.

As mentioned on FindLaw, one of the first things that should happen after an injury is getting medical attention. This not only reduces the possible consequences of any injury, but it also often provides valuable evidence in the personal injury claim.

The next steps are somewhat more complicated in many cases. This is where the more difficult decisions start to arise. For example, an injured person may have to decide between taking an insurance company offer of immediate payment or having a chance to get full compensation for the injury.

Although it is true that insurance companies and negative parties are occasionally ready to step up and cover the entirety of a person’s injuries, what is unfortunately more likely is that these interests — often backed by large, powerful companies — will make initial offers based on what they believe is the minimum they could pay.

To get a fair deal, it may be necessary to start a formal procedure. This begins with filing a claim. Although the Missouri Courts website does have some personal injury resources available, it is often more prudent to understand the entire process before filing documents.

As is evident from the complexity of the Missouri courts website, personal injury law is just one part of the legal system in the state. Many of these types of claims intersect other areas of law as well, so it is important to be prepared before beginning.

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