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Woman arrested with suspended license, methamphetamine

On Behalf of | May 20, 2019 | Duis And Traffic Violations |

Driving is a necessity in today’s world, as most people need a car to get themselves to work, school or other important places. If a person has his or her license suspended here in Missouri, it can dramatically change day-to-day life. Many people choose to drive even if they have a suspended license out of necessity. However, if they are arrested, charges can pile up and make a bad situation even worse. This is what one woman may be facing after her arrest for driving with a suspended license and possession of methamphetamine.

Officials claim that the woman drove to pick up her boyfriend and bond him out of jail. The local sheriff said he and other police recognized her and knew her license was on suspension. They were booking her for that offense when they say that she reached into her clothing for something. They claimed that they saw her on their security camera with a bag of meth on her person.

The 29-year-old woman was arrested and charged with felony driving while revoked and delivery of a controlled substance to a county jail. There is no word from authorities on an upcoming court date or whether she will face any additional charges. There is also no word on whether she was allowed to bond her boyfriend out before she was taken into custody.

No matter the outcome of the charges against this woman, her case demonstrates how important it is to have solid legal advice here in Missouri. These kinds of charges can lead to time in jail and fines, not to mention the damage to a person’s reputation and ability to find employment. An experienced criminal defense attorney can assist with charges related to a suspended license.