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Personal injuries; the potential to impact every aspect of life

On Behalf of | May 8, 2019 | Uncategorized |

Personal injuries can, and do, change people’s lives every day. Whether it’s a slip-and-fall accident that results in a moderate brain injury or a car crash that ruptures a lung, people who suffer injuries deserve to receive all the help they need to recover as much as possible.

Personal injuries vary significantly. Typically, your medical provider in Clayton will describe your injury as minor, moderate or acute. Acute is the most serious. Chronic injuries mean that they occur time and time again. For example, a head injury may cause chronic migraines (migraines that occur several times or persistently).

What should you do if you’re involved in an accident?

No matter where you are, you should seek medical help as soon as possible. If you slip and fall at the mall or inside a store, alert the staff and seek medical care. If you are in a car crash, call 911 and let the authorities know what happened, so that they can hurry to the scene.

The key component to personal injury cases is being able to show that you were hurt and how the injury impacted you. For example, if you suffer a head injury, you’ll want to describe how long you missed work, if you had to change jobs, what you had to miss out on in your daily life, how often you had to see a medical provider and other information about the impact the injury has had. Using that information, your attorney can help you seek fair compensation for how the injury has affected you presently and how it may continue to affect you in the future.

What should you do if your personal injuries don’t show up right away?

Sometimes, injuries don’t appear right away. That’s why it’s important to let others know that you were involved in an accident, at the very least. If they were witness to your falling or being in a crash, then you’ll be able to show the cause of those injuries.

As soon as you can, seek medical care for those injuries. Certain injuries, like whiplash, will take longer to appear for some people, and insurance agencies understand that. Overall, the most important thing to remember is that you need to seek medical care to have documentation for the injury. As your claim progresses, it’s this documentation that will help you and your attorney fight for a fair amount of compensation for your injury.

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