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March 2019 Archives

Gun play can result in need for criminal defense

How often as children did people play cops and robbers, or act out John Wayne scenes from movies? Toy guns were prolific when baby boomers were children and not considered an issue in Missouri. A toy gun for Christmas was at the top of many wish lists. This is illustrated in the very popular movie "A Christmas Story," where all Randy wants for Christmas is a BB gun. Sadly, childhood games have morphed into a different reality as so many households have guns, and accidental shootings have become an issue and their outcomes often necessitate a criminal defense.

Driving while drunk in Missouri? The penalties are harsh

Driving while intoxicated is a serious offense, and Missouri has specific laws that dictate how you can be penalized if convicted. There are numerous types of alcohol actions, such as those for drug or alcohol-test refusals, administrative alcohol arrests and alcohol- and drug-related convictions.

Workers' compensation benefits are payable regardless of fault

Work-related accidents in Missouri and nationwide that involve an element of fatigue as the cause of the accident are a serious problem. About 13 percent of workplace injuries are attributable to fatigue or sleep problems, according to the National Safety Council. The NSC is seriously committed to confronting the problem and has published an extensive report on the subject of an employer's development of an effective risk management system for dealing with fatigue. Although work-related accidents must be compensated by workers' compensation insurance benefits regardless of fault, the dangers to workers of this widespread problem are severe enough to warrant a close look at potential preventive measures.

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