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February 2019 Archives

Family law attorneys know the red flags that show hidden assets

Attorneys in Missouri and other states who handle divorce cases have come to know the warning flags that may indicate extra income that a spouse is hiding from the other. This is often accomplished by studying the income tax returns that are filed by the parties. There are details on these forms that a spouse may not want the other to see; however, with a sharp eye the other side will be able to pick up some hidden "treasures" from the tax filings. In family law procedure regarding a divorce proceeding, each side has the benefit of discovery and will have the other party's records to study. 

Woman pronounced dead after industrial accident

While all jobs in Missouri and across the country have risks, anytime a person works at a job involving heavy equipment or product, the risk of injury may be even higher. Unfortunately, victims of an accident -- including surviving family members in the event of a fatality -- are often left wondering how they will cope with the fallout of an industrial accident. In fact, a family in another state may be experiencing this after a woman was reportedly killed while at work.

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