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Workers’ compensation will compensate injured Amazon workers

On Behalf of | Dec 6, 2018 | Workers' Compensation |

Accidents in warehouses in Missouri and other states involve a wide variety of mishaps. Whenever a warehouse worker is injured in a workplace accident, the worker is entitled to collect applicable workers’ compensation benefits. Such benefits are paid regardless of who was at fault in causing the accident. The main initial concern for workers in such incidents is to make sure that the accident is reported and documented adequately to a supervisor.

The worker should then obtain all necessary medical attention without hesitation. The hazards of warehouse work were highlighted as a result of a bizarre incident at an Amazon establishment in another state recently. Fifty-four employees at a warehouse were injured by dangerous fumes when an automated machine punctured a can. Workers felt burning sensations in their eyes and throats, many had difficulty breathing and at least one was hospitalized in critical condition.

Amazon reported that the can sprayed strong fumes in a contained area of the warehouse. The company is investigating precisely how the accident may have occurred. An Amazon spokesperson reported that some workers were treated on site but that others were transported to local hospitals by first responders. Amazon has been plagued in recent years by many different kinds of workplace accidents that resulted in injuries to workers. Some investigative reports indicate that injuries dealing with breathing troubles and chest pains have been common in Amazon warehouses.

It may be that the company needs to make a comprehensive study of whether proper safety measures and practices are taken. When dealing with hazardous substances, workers in Missouri and other states are required by state and federal regulations to wear protective gear and to take necessary precautions. Undoubtedly, investigatory agencies will look into the recent incidents to determine the cause and the safety measures that should be instituted to protect workers. At the same time, all workers injured at any workplace site must take measures to properly report the accidents and must obtain necessary medical attention in a timely manner so that their workers’ compensation benefits will kick in appropriately.