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Workers’ compensation claims are reduced by safety measures

On Behalf of | Oct 11, 2018 | Workers' Compensation |

Safety is a concern for both employers and workers in Missouri industries and business entities. Deficiencies in safety at the workplace results in more injuries to workers and hence more workers’ compensation claims for employers to contend with. There are several common injuries that occur at work. Safety measures to reduce the incidence of such injuries are also generally known but not always implemented.

One area of common injuries at work are slip-and-fall incidents. Some experts assert that about one-third of all workplace injuries are in this category. Serious injuries to the back, head and neck can occur, including brain injury and spinal cord damage. Generally, the number of these events can be reduced by having a system to identify all danger areas and have them repaired or placed with warning signs. Wet and slippery areas should be cleaned quickly and/or marked and roped off.

Machine-related injuries are a hazard at many work places. This may be due to human error but is often also due to manufacturer defects in the design or operation of the machine. This type of injury leads to severed fingers, hands, appendages and even death. Such machines should be outfitted with protective guards, and signs should notify workers of known dangers. In addition, workers should be properly trained in how to use the machines. 

Lifting injuries are also a major source of workplace mishaps in Missouri and elsewhere. This can be due to repetitive motions required by the job or by a single, discreet lifting incident. The sudden single-incident lifting traumas are associated with herniated discs, along with sprains, strains and pulled muscles. Training workers in safer lifting techniques may help in some jobs. Setting limits and restrictions on lifting for individuals and throughout the plant can reduce the occurrence of such events, and the number of workers’ compensation claims.