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Family law: hopelessness about the marriage may signal change

On Behalf of | Sep 14, 2018 | Family Law |

Experienced divorce attorneys in Missouri and elsewhere acquire a lot of knowledge about the dynamics of marital relationships. The conscientious family law attorney will tell certain clients to first seek marital counseling or other options prior to deciding on a divorce. There are certain telltale signs, verified by studies over the years, that indicate whether the relationship has any real hope for reconciliation.

Surprisingly, when a couple is angry or in a period of verbal arguments, there may still be hope through hard work of reviving long-term good feelings between a couple. That may require counseling or a myriad of other options that the couple can try. For example, they may benefit from a real vacation together without distractions, or the relationship may benefit by one of the spouses changing jobs where too much stress is coming from the workplace.

The experts in family counseling and marital therapy say that the one telltale quality that usually means there is no further reason to engage in reconciliation efforts is when one or both of the parties feels utterly hopeless about the relationship. That kind of deep uncaring leaves no emotional strength for the person to get up and try again. When apathy rules about what the other person is doing or pursuing, that is a sign of hopelessness that most often indicates that a complete break is justified.

In studies on the subject, experts report that spouses going through marital strife with expressions of hopelessness said that they had unrealistic expectations about what the marriage would be like. One established family therapist concludes that, where one or both parties are not willing to invest effort into working on the relationship, it is usually time for a separation and divorce. The attitude becomes one of no longer caring what the other spouse thinks, feels or is doing. A consultation with a marital therapist may help those who are seeking the path to take. A family law attorney in Missouri is also a wealth of information and assistance for anyone who is contemplating a separation or divorce.

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