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Personal injury suits could follow Missouri duck boat accident

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2018 | Personal Injury |

A devastating boat accident that killed 17 people and injured 14 others is the subject of a recently filed lawsuit. The suit was filed by members of a Missouri family that lost nine people in the deadly accident and seeks compensation on behalf of their loved one’s estates. It is likely that additional wrongful death or personal injury claims will soon follow. 

Despite predicted severe thunderstorms, the owners of a duck boat chose to move forward with a scheduled tour. The suit claims that the company knew of the inclement weather but chose to try and beat the storm instead of refunding their customers’ money. The boat was still on the water when the storm hit. However, the family blames more than just company greed for the deadly and avoidable accident. 

The current design for the company’s duck boats make them prone to sinking, particularly during inclement weather. These boats also feature canopies that make it nearly impossible for passengers to escape should be the boat sink. The lawsuit claims that the company running the duck boat tours had been warned about the design flaws on multiple occasions, but it had ignored instructions to make safety alterations. 

When a person is injured because of another’s negligence, he or she can pursue compensation through a personal injury suit. However, few people realize that there are also options for those who have lost loved ones in accidents. When successfully pursued to completion, Missouri families can achieve just legal recourse on behalf of their loved one’s estate.