A high-profile politician has recently been accused of computer data tampering. The Missouri governor Eric Greitens has been accused of illegally obtaining a list of donors to help him raise campaign funding. The politician maintains his innocence and plans to present a criminal defense when the time comes for his court date. 

The governor is also a former Navy SEAL, and he co-founded a veterans charity. The criminal allegation stems from a claim that Mr. Greitens took a list of the top donors to the charity and used those names to help him raise money for his political campaign. After transferring the names and information to his political campaign, he allegedly was able to raise almost $2 million for his gubernatorial race. 

These charges are not the only legal problems that the governor has experienced recently. He was also accused of felony invasion of privacy, sexual assault and blackmail. The computer data tampering charge he faces is a felony charge that carries serious penalties. 

The Missouri Attorney General acknowledges that no one is above the law but also that every person is presumed innocent until proved guilty. The governor himself has stated that every person gets his or her day in court to defend him or herself, and that he intends to clear his name during that time. The man’s exact criminal defense has not yet been revealed. Other individuals accused of felony data tampering may wish to defend themselves against the charges. Some choose to do so with the help of an experienced defense attorney who can build a strong defense against the charges. 

Source: NPR, “Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens Charged With Second Felony: Computer Data Tampering“, Vanessa Romo, April 20, 2018