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3 amusement park personal injury suits settled before season

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2018 | Personal Injury |

When individuals go to an amusement park, they expect thrills and chills, but spills, not so much. Since mechanically complicated passenger rides are an integral part of the park experience, park owners must be vigilant to ensure that the rides and the park environment remain safe for the patrons. Recently, a popular Missouri amusement park settled three personal injury lawsuits related to incidents on its premises just before opening for the 2018 season.

All three of the lawsuits involved teen patrons of the park and were brought by parents of the teens. In one incident, a roller coaster stopped operating mid-ride and cause at least two of the riders to be injured. The park denied liability for the injuries but paid the patrons approximately $3,000 each for their injuries. 

Another event at the park caused a tree branch to fall on a person who was waiting for a park train to arrive. As the person waited near the train station, he or she was struck by a tree branch. The parents of the injured party sued the park and won a settlement for $10,000. The park also denied liability for this injury. 

It seems like the park wanted to wrap up the cases before starting a new recreation season in Missouri, and presumably the location has addressed any issues that could lead to future injuries. The suits, which help the injured persons defray any damages and expenses, also help improve the park by setting expectations for safety. A person who suffered a personal injury at a recreation park may wish to seek compensation and may choose to do so with the aid of an experienced attorney. 

Source: ABC 17 News, “Six Flags St. Louis settles three personal injury lawsuits ahead of Saturday’s opening“, Alyssa Toomey, March 23, 2018