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Women will benefit from financial planning in a family law case

In Missouri, both during negotiations and after the divorce, it is critical to engage in preparation and financial planning for the future. In the family law process, this is perhaps a more common concern for women than men. Women often run into problematic financial concerns during and after the divorce due to the inevitable hardship that comes from splitting up the parties' income and not sharing anymore as a family unit.

A wife may find it more necessary to seek extra income to survive. Where there are minor children, a mother's historical role as parent may be more demanding than that of the father.  Further, the impact of the divorce, in a financial sense, can be harsher on the wife than on her counterpart. A study at the University of Missouri College of Health and Environmental Sciences concluded that women tend to struggle financially more than men.

Financial information helpful for family law matters

One of the more challenging aspects of divorce is the period after the breakup in which a person must start over again with a new set of finances. Of course, the feeling of independence after a marriage has ended is one of the positive features of ending a marriage. One can increase the likelihood of enjoying the independence if he or she carefully plans for the financial reset. For these matters of property division and spousal support, individuals in Missouri look to family law

Taxes can be a big concern for those in the immediate aftermath of divorce. If the couple files jointly, they are also jointly liable for any tax debt, even if one spouse earns most or all of the income. A person may apply for a special tax waiver if he or she feels that he or she is not responsible for this debt, however. 

Missouri governor considers criminal defense in tampering charge

A high-profile politician has recently been accused of computer data tampering. The Missouri governor Eric Greitens has been accused of illegally obtaining a list of donors to help him raise campaign funding. The politician maintains his innocence and plans to present a criminal defense when the time comes for his court date. 

The governor is also a former Navy SEAL, and he co-founded a veterans charity. The criminal allegation stems from a claim that Mr. Greitens took a list of the top donors to the charity and used those names to help him raise money for his political campaign. After transferring the names and information to his political campaign, he allegedly was able to raise almost $2 million for his gubernatorial race. 

Steps to take during the workers' compensation process

After an injury occurs at work, the injured person may be wondering what to do. Even if the person realizes that a program exists that can help with medical costs and lost wages, the person may not understand how to go through the process to get the help to which he or she is entitled. In Missouri, workers are protected if they are hurt on the job, and following some common steps can ease the workers' compensation process. 

First of all, one should take whatever steps are needed for his or her health. The best way to do this is to visit a physician for a diagnosis of the injury. A person has the right to see his or her own doctor after an injury at work. The second step is usually to inform a supervisor about what has happened. This way, the supervisor can start the process of getting the compensation to the employee so that he or she can get the treatment and recovery needed to be restored to health. 

Your rights to custody as a Missouri father

As a father going through a divorce or separation where a child is involved, it is likely that you will be considering your child custody options. Many fathers in Missouri assume that the mother will automatically be granted the majority of the custody and responsibilities.

It is important for fathers to remember that they have every right to pursue being a part of their child's life. Both mothers and fathers are treated equally under the law, and child custody decisions are supposed to solely be based on what ruling would be in the best interests of the child.

3 amusement park personal injury suits settled before season

When individuals go to an amusement park, they expect thrills and chills, but spills, not so much. Since mechanically complicated passenger rides are an integral part of the park experience, park owners must be vigilant to ensure that the rides and the park environment remain safe for the patrons. Recently, a popular Missouri amusement park settled three personal injury lawsuits related to incidents on its premises just before opening for the 2018 season.

All three of the lawsuits involved teen patrons of the park and were brought by parents of the teens. In one incident, a roller coaster stopped operating mid-ride and cause at least two of the riders to be injured. The park denied liability for the injuries but paid the patrons approximately $3,000 each for their injuries. 

Missouri basketball player charged with DUI

A star basketball player may be facing consequences after a recent driving incident. The University of Missouri Mizzou forward ,Jordan Barnett, was arrested and charged with DUI. If convicted, he could face legal penalties as well as penalties imposed by the school. 

Earlier in March of 2018, the man was arrested around 3:30 a.m. on a Saturday. He was charged with DUI and failing to stay in one lane at the time of the arrest. Few other details are available about the incident at this time.

Family law tips to avoid common issues

Since so many people run into the problem of divorce, many individuals have had the chance to gather helpful tips. People who are familiar with the process share tips so that others who are experiencing family law issues for the first time can apply them. Individuals in Missouri facing the dissolution of their marriage may be able to apply some of the recommendations and make the process a little bit easier. 

While every case is unique, some of the recommendations will be useful in many situations. For example, gathering knowledge about the marital finances will almost always be helpful. When the time comes to equitably separate the shared assets, an individual who has the knowledge about the shared bank accounts, debts and investments will be better prepared to make a deal. The proper timing can be helpful, too. If one knows that the house will likely be sold, and if it is feasible to hold out for a better housing market, a person could get a better price for the house instead of rushing to sell it in a down market.

How effective dog training can spare you from liability

Under Missouri law, you can be liable for your dog’s actions. If your dog bites another person—unless that person is an unlawful intruder—then you’re on the hook. You could face civil or even criminal charges. For this reason, it’s important to train your dog against biting or attacking.

According to animal behaviorist John Bradshaw, many owners go about training their dogs the wrong way: by assuming a dog’s cognition is similar to that of humans. Dogs are smart animals, but the way they perceive the world around them—and the things they pay attention to—are different from humans. In order to effectively train your dog, you need to know how it thinks.

As a divorcing parent, don't make these mistakes

No matter how much you prepare, divorce is incredibly difficult. It is often a long and stressful process in which you have to make some very hard decisions. For example, you will have to decide if it will be better to sell you house in St. Louis and divide the proceeds or to keep it. If you have children, that will make your separation, divorce and the aftermath even more difficult.

Both during and after your divorce, it is important that you try to limit the effects on your children as much as possible. By avoiding these mistakes, you can lessen the emotional impact your divorce might have on your kids.

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