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Family law: Man pays $40,000 to settle overdue child support

When a child's parents are not in a romantic relationship, it can raise several questions on how to manage the care of that child. Some parents in Missouri are able to come to an agreement fairly easily, but many parents struggle with this family law issue. In spite of that, children still require care and money is often an important part of that. If a parent fails to make child support payments as ordered by the court, it can have a significant negative impact on that child's life.

For example, according to officials in another state, one man owed over $85,000 in overdue child support payments to his ex-wife. He has owed money to her for the past 15 years, with the amount building every time he failed to pay. Back in January, he was charged with felony failure to pay child support.

DUI charge for man on an electric scooter

Most people know that driving a car while under the influence of alcohol or drugs is against the law. However, many may not realize that they can also get a DUI charge if they operate other types of vehicles while drinking. This includes electric scooters, which have recently risen in popularity in large cities as modes of transportation that can be rented for short periods of time. One man in Missouri found this out recently after being charged with a DUI when he ran into a police SUV.

A police officer claimed that he saw the man riding an electric scooter on a sidewalk in an erratic manner. The officer said that he heard something hit his vehicle and first thought that he had hit something. When he got out to investigate, he says he found the man on the scooter on the ground with the scooter next to him. The impact was so forceful, the officer reported, that the man left a face print on the police SUV.

Criminal defense next after 3 drug arrests

A person arrested on drug charges may very well know about the potential punishment that he or she faces. What that person may not know is just how serious an effect that a drug conviction can have in multiple areas of life. It is vital that anyone facing drug charges has a strong criminal defense in order to give the accused the best chance at minimizing the impact on his or her life. Three people here in Missouri that were recently arrested on drug charges may be in just that situation right now.

Police say that they responded to a report of a suspicious vehicle in a neighborhood. They claim that the car in question was parked at an abandoned residence. The police spoke to the three occupants of the vehicle in order to determine exactly what was going on. The officers say that they discovered controlled substances and drug paraphernalia during their investigation.

Protect your parental rights in custody battles

If you have to go to court over child custody concerns, one thing that might be troublesome to you is the idea that the courts in Missouri tend to side with women. The reality is that no court is legally allowed to side with one parent over the other due to gender. It's been proven time and time again that men and women are both capable of caring for their children and providing them with all they need in life.

As a father who wants to have as much time with his children as possible, you realize the importance of working with an attorney who is well-versed in family law. The right attorney can help you protect your parental rights and guarantee that you are not facing bias in court.

Woman dies after head-on car accident

A car crash can change a family's life in the blink of an eye. Families that lose loved ones may struggle with the aftermath, both emotionally and financially. Their grief is often compounded by unexpected medical and funeral costs. This is what one family may be facing after a woman was killed in a car accident that Missouri authorities say involved a driver going the wrong way.

According to police, the crash happened on a recent evening when a woman was driving east on Interstate 70. Another vehicle was going in the wrong direction on that very same side of the roadway. The wrong-way vehicle struck the woman's vehicle head-on. The woman did not survive the collision. Authorities say that a passenger in the woman's car suffered injuries described as moderate.

Arrest for traffic violation possible result of traffic stop

Most motorists have committed some kind of traffic violation during their driving years. Generally, the offense yields a punishment that is manageable for most people, such as a fine or community service. However, there are those drivers who stand accused of much more serious traffic-related crimes that carry harsher sentences upon conviction. One Missouri county recently released statistics that may show residents just how important it is for motorists to defend themselves against serious traffic violation charges.

The county sheriff's office published statistics of how many traffic stops its officer's made during 2018. In just that county alone, there were nearly 11,500 traffic stops. Officers made an average of 31 stops daily, and the overwhelming majority of stops were due to moving violations. In 424 of the stops, officers conducted a search of the vehicle. Forty-three percent of the time, those searches yielded some type of prohibited item.

Criminal defense: CFO accused of embezzlement

A person accused of a white collar crime stands to lose a great deal with a conviction. It is a crime that prosecutors take very seriously no matter what type of business is involved. A conviction can result in jail time, fines and other punishment. Even just the accusation can result in damage to a person's reputation and career, so it is imperative that anyone accused of a white collar crime has a thorough criminal defense strategy. This may be what one Missouri CFO will need in relation to accusations that he embezzled almost $4 million from his company.

The accused man worked as an executive for a parent company that owns several waterbed and mattress stores. His normal salary was around $90,000 a year. Authorities say that he wrote around 500 checks to himself from his company's accounts. They allege that he used the money to gamble, take several vacations and pay for his home. The amount he is accused of embezzling is $3.8 million.

Woman arrested with suspended license, methamphetamine

Driving is a necessity in today's world, as most people need a car to get themselves to work, school or other important places. If a person has his or her license suspended here in Missouri, it can dramatically change day-to-day life. Many people choose to drive even if they have a suspended license out of necessity. However, if they are arrested, charges can pile up and make a bad situation even worse. This is what one woman may be facing after her arrest for driving with a suspended license and possession of methamphetamine.

Officials claim that the woman drove to pick up her boyfriend and bond him out of jail. The local sheriff said he and other police recognized her and knew her license was on suspension. They were booking her for that offense when they say that she reached into her clothing for something. They claimed that they saw her on their security camera with a bag of meth on her person.

Personal injuries; the potential to impact every aspect of life

Personal injuries can, and do, change people's lives every day. Whether it's a slip-and-fall accident that results in a moderate brain injury or a car crash that ruptures a lung, people who suffer injuries deserve to receive all the help they need to recover as much as possible.

Personal injuries vary significantly. Typically, your medical provider in Clayton will describe your injury as minor, moderate or acute. Acute is the most serious. Chronic injuries mean that they occur time and time again. For example, a head injury may cause chronic migraines (migraines that occur several times or persistently).

Workers' compensation: Fall Prevention Safety Stand-Down

One of the most common accidents in Missouri workplaces involves falls. Many companies across the country are encouraged to participate in the National Fall Prevention Safety Stand-Down, which takes place this year from May 6 to 10. A number of employees who experience a fall at work often rely on workers' compensation as a part of their healing process. Organizers of the week-long event hope to raise awareness of potential hazards in the workplace and teach employers and employees safety strategies.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is helping to promote the event, which has been going for six years. OSHA's website has educational material in both Spanish and English to help companies facilitate various events. The site has fall safety videos, a training guide, fact sheets and more. OSHA expects that millions of employees will participate in the Stand-Down.

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