What Is Guardianship?

A guardianship is established by the probate court when an individual, usually a child or elderly person, requires the help of another individual when making legal decisions. This generally means medical treatment and living arrangements. There are other arrangements that can be made for financial matters.

Commonly, guardianships are needed when the parents of a minor are incapacitated or deceased. At Affordable Legal Services Of Thomas Sandifer, I have the experience necessary to help you navigate the probate court system to establish guardianship.

How To Establish Guardianship

Establishing guardianship is a legal process, and it is highly recommended to have a lawyer to help you. The probate court will necessarily have an attorney for the incapacitated individual. The materials necessary to support your case may vary based on your location and your situation, but will require a letter of consent in most cases.

Any adult person is eligible to be a guardian, although under Missouri law, the court must first consider someone named in a legal document by the incapacitated party as a power of attorney, or a relative.

An Experienced Lawyer Can Help

With experience in not only guardianship, but many types of family law cases, I am able to help you understand the system and achieve the results you want. My goal is to be efficient, cost-conscious and honest with you about your case. If you would like to discuss your case and how I can help, call my office, located in Clayton, today at 314-492-6955 or complete my online contact form.