What To Know About Child Custody

When individuals are facing divorce, child custody is often one of the first issues they raise. Understandably, parents want to ensure that they will still have adequate access to their children after their divorce. At Affordable Legal Services Of Thomas Sandifer, we are experienced in handling all areas of family law, including child custody orders, disputes and modifications.

In Missouri, parents seeking a custody arrangement need to consider several things:

  • Their options regarding custody arrangements: Missouri law offers joint and sole custody.
  • Whether the parents or the courts will be making the decision about custody: In cases where the parents settle out of court, they will be the ones deciding the custody arrangement. If parents are handling child custody arrangements through the courts, the judge will decide.
  • The child's best interests: Questions such as, "who is the current primary caretaker?" should be considered whether the parents or the judge is making the decision.

Why You Need Strong Representation

As you face an upcoming child custody decision, an experienced attorney can help you make your case as successful as possible. I am dedicated to working for your goals, whether that means collaborating with opposing counsel or advocating for your case in court.

You deserve a fair outcome to your case. Family courts, in particular, can seem geared toward one party, but a lawyer who knows the system can help you get the results you want.

An Experienced Lawyer, Fighting For Your Family

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