Theft Crimes Have Harsh Consequences

Like most criminal charges, there are short-term and long-term consequences to a conviction for theft. Jail and serious fines are often the part of the consequences that people understand they may be facing. But, a theft conviction is considered a crime of dishonesty or moral turpitude. Having a record that contains a theft conviction may cause future employers to refuse to employ you even if you are fully qualified for the position.

Only by taking all necessary action to protect yourself from theft charges can you be assured to not have to face the years of difficulty that a theft conviction can create. Securing the representation of a skilled criminal defense lawyer is the first step toward protecting yourself. Call the Affordable Legal Services of Thomas Sandifer in St. Louis at 314-725-7776 for a free consultation.

I provide skilled criminal defense against all manner of theft charges, including:

  • Robbery
  • Burglary
  • Shoplifting/retail theft
  • Car theft
  • Theft by check

Over 25 Years Of Experience

I am St. Louis theft defense attorney Thomas Sandifer. I defend people against theft charges in state courts as well as municipal courts. I currently serve as a municipal judge. That experience coupled with my previous experience as a prosecutor (including having served as an assistant in the state attorney's office) allows me to provide my clients with an advantage when I am building their cases. My understanding of how the court and the prosecution may approach the case allows me to anticipate their perspectives and build a strong case.

You Don't Want A Criminal Record

I can help you build the strong defense you need against theft charges. To schedule a free initial consultation, call 314-725-7776 or contact my office online.

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