Minor Facing Juvenile Charges?

The idea of your child facing criminal charges is both alarming and stressful. Will my minor have this on his or her record forever? What if he or she is tried in adult court? Is juvenile court better? These are all questions that I can help you with as an experienced criminal defense attorney.

I am criminal attorney Thomas Sandifer. With decades of experience, I will do everything I can to seek the most favorable outcome in your juvenile crimes case. There are many differences between the juvenile court system and adult court. Due to the various nuances, it is important to hire any attorney like me who is familiar with juvenile court and can help your child fight criminal charges.

For more information about how I can help you and your minor, please call the Affordable Legal Services of Thomas Sandifer at 314-725-7776. I offer free initial consultations. My law office serves the St. Louis, Missouri, area.

Protecting Your Child's Future

Whether your child is very young (under 10) and he or she is being charged with a crime or he or she is near the age of majority (18), I can help protect your child's best interests. There is more than just time in juvenile detention center or in more serious cases, jail time if tried as an adult. The entire future, education and career opportunities of your minor are on the brink of being damaged by a criminal charge.

The positive aspect of juvenile court is that it is not open to the public, the identity of minors is not disclosed and records are sealed. However, there is still the stigma of having been arrested as well as other serious issues stemming from juvenile crimes: continuous delinquent behavior, drug abuse, alcohol addiction and more. I believe in providing comprehensive juvenile crimes defense representation that helps a child with all the issues he or she is facing.

As a former prosecutor, I have a unique insight into the various angles your child's case can be analyzed. This can sometimes provide an advantage to a criminal law case. From underage drinking, underage possession and drug charges to assault, vandalism, theft, trespassing and violent crimes, I defend all types of juvenile crimes.

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