Embezzlement Charges?

The taking of property, particularly when in a position of authority, is a type of white collar crime called embezzlement. This is known as a theft crime. For example, an office manager misappropriates funds into his or her own bank account, slowly funneling money from the company for his or her own benefit. This is known as embezzlement. The fraudulent taking of property (usually money) can range from smaller positions of authority to even high-level administrators and CEOs.

If you are being investigated for embezzlement in the St. Louis, Missouri, area, it is very important to seek an experienced criminal defense attorney who defends against white collar crimes. Early intervention can be the key to success in many embezzlement cases. I am criminal lawyer Thomas Sandifer. I have decades of experience with criminal law cases. As a former prosecutor, I have firsthand knowledge in what investigators may be looking at with your embezzlement case. Do not wait until you have been charged. Seek my defense counsel today by scheduling a free consultation.

Penalties Are Serious For Embezzlement Charges

The government does not take embezzlement cases lightly. It doesn't matter whether you are the accountant for a small business or the CFO of a major corporation. Embezzlement is charged at all levels of the corporate chain. The property does not have to be monetary. Taking goods and supplies unlawfully (if an employee had legal access) can also be construed as embezzlement.

The penalties in Missouri can be very harsh. Depending largely on the value of property embezzled, the jail time and fines can go up. For example, in the most serious of embezzlement cases a defendant could face 30 years in jail. Do not take your charge lightly, as there are serious potential criminal penalties.

As a skilled defense lawyer, I can work with you in determining the best defense strategy for your specific embezzlement case.

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